Trademark Registration

There is no dissenting from the fact that a highly recognizable trademark is something that numerous of Delhis booming businesses have in common. Whether it is a phrase, word, name symbol, logo, or image, a distinct trademark can help to distinguish a companys product or service from others.

There are different types of trademarks, namely product trademarks, service trademarks, certification trademarks, collective trademarks, and much more. A well-known trademark can be a powerful tool for any business to exercise enormous competitive advantage, and that makes brands very important. If a trademark, logo or brand name is to be registered:
  • It should not be misleading.
  • It should be distinct, unique, and capable of distinguishing goods and services from others.
  • It should be far away from an already registered trademark of another person.
But how do you know whether your idea for your brands trademark is unique or not and whether your trademark complies to the regulatory guidelines Well, thats whentrademark registration consultants in Delhican be of some help.Through the registration of a trademark, the owner owns the exclusive right to use the services and goods of the registered trademark and seek relief from any violation. Through the registration, the brand can build trust and goodwill and gain recognition for the products quality.

Perks of seeking for Trademark Consultation

In a nutshell, it can be said that a trademark registration consultant company saves the applicants time and energy and ensures a smooth process while registering as a trademark. Trademark consultants are responsible for preparing and presenting the applications of their clients. Besides, the consultants also advise clients on intellectual property matters and represent them before the registrars during the prosecution. Some of the benefits of opting for atrademark registration company in Delhiinclude:

1. For an inexperienced person, there is a high probability of making mistakes in the trademark application, which can have an adverse effect on the application submitted. But with an experienced consultant, this wont be the case.

2. Consultants can also advise their clients on the registration process, with the trademark licensing requirements and transfer of intellectual property along with the protection of existing trademark rights.

3. Spending time on building a business is far more valuable than learning the ins and outs of trademark registration. This is why it is essential to hire a trademark consultant to look after the registration process.

4.Trademark Registration in Delhiis a gruesome process and knowing the intricacies of registration is perplexing. Having a consultant on your side can handle your registration process starting, and you dont need to worry about several stages and corresponding deadlines. The consultant can help you to file necessary responses, advise you of the progress of your application while monitoring your application.

5. One of the most critical aspects of registering trademarks is to protect your brand from infringement. Trademarks may consist of a word, combination of words, letters, abbreviations, numerals, names, etc. Again, under the Trademarks Act, there are provisions to file a lawsuit in case of trademark infringement, which may impose criminal liabilities.

We at CAJCChave a team of lawyers to plead arguments on behalf of clients in courts or tribunals regarding trademark infringement.

What makes us the best

We are one of thewell-known trademark consultants of pan India. Our team of experts offers end to end trademark registration solutions like searching for trademarks, trademark attorney, and other compliances on The Trade Marks Act, 1999. In India, the procedure for registration of various types of trademarks involves complex legal works that can be solved only by experts. As per the laws and regulations in India, a trademark identifies certain goods or services, produced and provided by persons or enterprises, and are protected under the law.

Our services include:

We render the following services fortrademark registration in panIndia:
  • Consultation on the registration of Trademarks
  • Conduct searches to detect opposing Trademarks
  • File various applications such as:
  • Trademark applications
  • Slogan Registration applications
  • Trade Names publication requests
  • Trademark oppositions
  • Trademark cancellations
  • Renewal of Trademarks
  • Investigate the scope of protection that can be offered
  • Analysis and consultation of trademark infringements
  • Enforcement of Trademark rights against an infringer
  • Provide legal advice on Trademark Disputes
  • Change in name or address and other recordings of assignments.