Certification And Attestation Services

Certification and attestation services in Delhi-NCR and across India, One of the most meticulous & vital services of professional is the issuance of certificates to their clients needed for several purposes under different laws, rules & regulations. Broadly, businesses require certificates based upon nature of the entity, the events being pleased by them under the law, any financial arrangement with banks or the financial institutions, getting benefit & various deductions to under different statues and periodical compliances of applicable rules & regulations. We at CAJCC, providecertification and attestation servicesfor all those purposes as required by the clients.

Generally, the following types of certificates are required to take on business activities in India:
  • Certificates on the support of accounts and annual financial statements
  • Certificates for maintaining statutory records under Companies Act, 2013 and other laws as applicable
  • Certification for statutory liabilities
  • Certification of Fare Valuation of Shares of Companies for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions or demergers, Buy-back of shares, Allotment and transfer of shares
  • Certification for remittances abroad by an Indian resident to foreign entities outside India u/s 195 of the Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Net worth Certificates required for Bank finances, furnishing of Bank guarantees and issuance of Visa by Embassies
  • Certification of arm's length price u/ 92 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Utilization certificates of various grants being discharge by Govt. of India to NGO's, Statutory Bodies, Autonomous Bodies, and charitable organizations.
  • Certificates for claiming various deductions & exemption under various rules & regulation
  • Certificates under the Income-Tax laws for various registrations, exemptions, deductions, etc
  • Certificates related to Transfer Pricing
  • Certification for various matters under GST Law
  • Certification under other Indirect Tax Laws
  • Certification under Exchange Control legislation for imports, remittances, ECB, DGFT, EOU, etc
  • Certification for claiming GST refunds
  • Certification for investment in plant and machinery by MSMEs

What CAJCC Offers

We undertake assignments of certification work assignments across different sectors of the industries. We are actively involved in all certification works as per clients needs. We value ourselves on practical, ethical and expert access to allcertification attestation services in Delhi-NCR and across India.Our sole purpose is to serve in the best interests of our client, giving the best opinion, avoiding conflicts of interest and working with responsibilities at all times with the esteemed profession & tax authorities with professional ethics.