Income Tax Litigation Services

Facing a severe dispute, action, or litigation can be one of the most challenging times for any organisation. These are the tough times when it is very crucial to have reliable experts you can trust. CAJCC helps organisations to represent a wide range of actions, lawsuits, examinations, and regulatory issues at every level during the assessment as well as in the appeal process. We are among thebest tax litigation firms in Delhi.Be it any income tax litigation matter; our team renders complete representation and litigation support in actual or possible legal proceedings before any tax authority. We assist individuals and businesses in responding to numerous objections by judicial authorities, by leveraging our core skills, technical expertise and legal knowledge when handling each responsibility.

Drawing on experience from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, our professionals combine the highest standards of professional skill and expertise to accumulate, examine and evaluate evidence. Our team uniquely poised to support clients navigates disputes efficiently wherever they may be.

Tax Litigation in India

The Indian Government has brought vital changes in its tax arrangements to promote ease of doing business in India. In tax litigation, significant reform is carried in the form of e-assessments of cases and appeals before income tax authorities. E-assessments is expected to deliver better accountability and transparency in the area of tax litigations. Continuous positive efforts such as ease in tax compliances and digitisation, by the Government, provides a way out to various businesses to perform their operation with ease. We are intoTax Litigation Services in Indiafor the last many years and known for providing best support to come out with possible solutions.

However, litigation in India has always been a sensitive subject for new and existing businesses. Typically, litigation in India is multi-layer in nature and requires a lot of money and time consumption. Due to a large number of pending lawsuits,income tax casessmay take many years to reach a concluding decision at the Tribunal level.

Tax litigation usually arises in the following areas:

  • Sole proprietor and partnership matters
  • Private Individual matters
  • Charitable and other non-profit organisations matters
  • Tax issues on cross-border transactions
  • Transfer pricing matters
  • Matters relating to the allowance and disallowance of exemptions/deductions
  • Corporate Tax compliance matters
  • Taxation of interest, royalty and fees for technical services for non-residents
  • Re-assessments/Income escaping assessment
  • Black money, i.e. undisclosed foreign income and assets
  • Penalty and prosecution
  • Assessments related to search and seizure
  • Tax Dispute resolution in India
Let us understand assessments under Indian income tax regime.

Assessment under Income Tax Act

A tax assessment is a procedure adopted to determine the income disclosed by the taxpayer and the tax payable on that income. India has a self-reporting tax system. Taxpayers must file tax returns each year. The Income Tax Act 1961 outlines the detailed procedure for the assessment of income and also governs the:
  • Redressal of disputes arising from assessments.
  • Levy of penalties.
  • Commencement of prosecution proceedings.
  • Civil tax disputes can arise concerning the decisions of the Assessing Officers (AOs) and Transfer Pricing Officers. Under the Income Tax Act, there are mainly following types of assessments:
  • Summary assessments (section 143(1), Income Tax Act)
  • Regular/Scrutiny assessments (section 143(3), Income Tax Act)
  • Best judgment assessments (section 144, Income Tax Act)
  • Re-assessment/Income escaping assessment for income that has not been assessed (section 147, Income Tax Act)
  • Assessment under a search (section 153A and 153C, Income Tax Act)
Income Tax Litigation at CAJCC

We offer the followingIncome Tax Litigation Servicesto release our clients from all department related distress:
  • Developing tax litigation approach
  • Income tax assessments
  • Assistance in filing income tax appeals before CIT(A) & ITAT
  • Complex issues in capital gain taxation
  • Reply to all department notices and communications
  • Strategy for speedy disposal of cases
  • NRI litigation support
  • Appearing before Revenue / Appellate Authorities
  • Assisting tax counsels for representation at various levels
  • Corporate tax litigation
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Prosecution cases

If you are looking for thebest tax litigation expert in Delhi-NCR and across India, CAJCC can help you to overcome the problem of dealing with the tax departments. You can reach us