Due Deligence


Any merger or acquisition transaction has to be meticulously designed, planned and executed; therefore, before closing a deal, the buyer conducts specific agreed-upon procedures to evaluate the agreement from commercial, financial, tax and legal standpoints.

Due diligence relates to the process of research, investigation, inquiry, study and analysis that is done before an acquisition, investment or partnership to ascertain the value of the subject of the due diligence or whether there are any significant issues. The prospective acquirer/investor should assemble all the necessary information within the predetermined period.

The need for due diligence exercise can be reasonably associated with the phrase forewarned is forearmed. Though the due diligence is not a panacea against investment failures, it renders the likely buyer with proper information. It aims to acquire, and assists manage associated risks.

What CA Jaiswal Chaurasia and Co. Offers

Before starting any project, we discuss with the client the issues that are of primary concern. In the end, the client receives a due diligence report containing all findings. Our approach is to save time, money and efforts and to support in influencing the price at the outset of the deal. We provide bestdue diligence services in Delhiand serve our clients in managing financial, legal and accounting reviews.

How can CAJCC help
  • We manage due diligence with the sole purpose to create valuable and precisely estimated reports and productive business analyses for our clients which is an integral segment of their decision-making and negotiation processes.
  • To sharpen on rendering value-added services that intensify client business decisions by combining a thorough understanding of technologies, logistics, corporate strategy and finance with an ability to summarize complex issues into concise, easily understood terms.
  • Our baisc role in a financial due diligence review includes evaluation of the proposed deal by properly analyzing the present and historical financial statements including relevant agreements reviewing the control environment and assessing the risk incidental to the business
  • When firms acquire a business, dispose of a non-core business or go into a merger, they necessitate managing the tax risk utilizing a tax due diligence. We provide you with corporate tax, social security and direct and indirect taxes due diligence while focusing on risks (comprising quantifications) as well as opportunities.
  • Within a merger and acquisition process, any responsible administration will entail a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the potential legal risks related to the corporate status, contracts, securities, assets and intellectual property of the target company regarded. The negotiation of the transaction will, in most cases, need the intervention of a legal expert as many legal pitfalls need to be tackled. Also, the drafting of the contracts and associated documents cannot be executed without appropriate attention from a business angle.

We, atCAJCC, aim to enable entrepreneurs and decision-makers to make sound investment decisions with high confidence at every stage and eliminating the risk and potential flaws of investing in domestic and international locals. If you are seekingDue Diligence Advisory Services in Delhi, reach out to us atsanjay@charteredaccountantfirm.com