Company Registration

In the dynamic business environment of a bustling metropolis like Delhi, numerous businesses are known as flagship or premium brands in their respective industries. If you are looking to start a new venture that can compete with the industry giants, or expand your business through a new wing, you may be considering registering your business.

In this world of corporatisation, registering your company can be a great way to expand your business and ensure your success while hiking your ROI. Not only the registration will lower your tax rates, but it will also make you free of liability which means that you can focus on turning your business into the lucrative venture that you always wanted it to be.Company registration in New Delhi, Indiahas tons of benefits. Some of these are outlined below. Have a look!

1. You can reduce your personal liabilities.

Online Company Registration in Indiafor your business is important because even if your business doesnt function in brick and mortar and you just have your prominent online face, selling a defective product or making an error can make you personally liable because of your sole ownership or partnership. Running a business like this can be risky as this can mean that your personal assets are also on the line. But if you are registered, debts that attach to the company, it will not attach to you.

2. You can raise significant capital.

Adequate funding is the backbone of a business. If you are registered as a full-fledged company, then your ability to raise money and attract investors will be much easier. Registration gives you the liberty to incur debt and to borrow but more importantly raise equity capital and sell shares.

3. You can prevent conflict with your co-founders

One thing that no one can deny from is: registering a company helps enormously if any conflict arises with your co-founder. While registering the company the subject of shares for each owner and the controlled powers are also clearly distinguished which helps the owners to have a clear understanding of their investment and assures that in case of any disputes share allocation determines the most-decision making power.

4. You can minimize your tax liability.

If you opt forCompany registration in Delhi,then you are more likely to pay less tax under a company structure which will depend on how much revenue your business brings in. Also, your company can exercise the benefit of being entitled to a range of tax deductions for advertising, repairs and maintenance and education.

5. Brand awareness and legitimacy come in hand.

For every business to be as expansive as it can be, having a company structure is necessary. When you decide to go fornew company formation in Delhi,you choose to enhance the reputation and perception of your business as the customers and clients will know that you are answerable to the regulatory body. In this way, becoming registered can pave the way for future dealings with third parties as well.

Reasons to invest your trust in us.

CA Jaiswal Chaurasia and known as the pioneer of transforming dreams into reality with the label of success and authenticity. We are capable of handling all legal and Company Law Compliance. We are with you all through the journey of setting up your business as a company or LLP. From the stage of getting your company name registered to prepare MOA and AOA, allotment of DIN, getting incorporation certificate, mobilizing banking and financial resources to the beginning of actual operations, and till holding AGM and filing an annual return to the registrar of company. We stick with you and guide you in the overall working of your company and through the process ofOnline Company Registration in Delhi and India. The firm offers its clients the best company formation services with a full range of other services as well including tax consultancy, business advisory, risk advisory, cost management and accounts payable services.

Our services include:
  • Company Registration in Delhi and India.
  • LLP Registration in Delhi and India.
  • E-Filling of Documents with MCA.
  • Compliance under Companies Act, 2013.
  • Formation of Section 25/Section 8 Companies (Non-Profit Making Organisation).
  • Compliance related to charge-management.
  • Director Identification Number (DIN) related services.
  • Maintenance of Statutory Records prescribed under Companies Act, 2013.
  • Preparation of notice, resolutions, minutes related to the board meeting, general meeting etc
  • Winding-up and Liquidation of Companies and LLPs.
  • Filling of Annual Returns of companies and LLPs.
  • Compliance related to the Auditor appointment.